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Domestic heating with pellet burners and boilers

Welcome to Varmebaronen. Värmebaronens main area of expertize is in domestic pellet heating, we sell only pellet heaters of highest quality and of highest efficiency. Our wide product range includes pellet burner and pellet heating, easy to clean firewood boilers used together with an accumulator tank. We offer electric boilers. We deliver Swedens finest domestic heating systems that is heating numerous swedish homes all the year around. We are the Swedish market leaders in domestic solar, electric, pellet and wood heating. If you need to change your oil burner, take a closer look at Viking Pro, renowned for its reliability and good economy. If you are looking for electric heating, we have a wide array of electric boilers. We also have a wide range of electric cartridges and electric elements. We are market leaders in this area.

Geospatial innovations & GIS maps software

Carmenta the leading company in geospatial innovations and GIS maps software. With our GIS map engine you will have software that can handle GIS. With our GIS map engine you will be able to run mission critical applications both for military use and for civilian use. Read more about our geosaptial GIS software and map server technology on our webbpage. Carmenta Engine is designed from the ground up to meet the demanding geographic requirements of high-performance applications. These days, geospatial technology is essential in many mission critical systems. Robustness and performance are important issues when selecting the right technology for command & control systems; and openness and scalability are just as important when dealing with large geospatial datasets in enterprise-wide installations.

Key rack with intelligent software - Creone

With a key rack from Creone you can easily keep track of keys to your Company cars! It's also perfect for car dealerships and can handle keys to both new cars and customer cars at the shop. Kepp Control over who has access to what keys, easy and simple! Contact us for more information about our keyrack and how it can change your company's Key Management!
Key Management System